Introduction And Partnership On The Hurried Child Project In Africa With The Lagos State Ministry Of Health

An introductory meeting at the Lagos State Ministry of Health emphasized the need to address the hurried child syndrome. AMLI’s commitment to child well-being and collaboration with the Ministry of Health were highlighted. The session concluded with plans for further engagement to address the syndrome’s psychosocial aspects.

Mrs. Hanatu A. Enwemadu Esq.
(The Chief Executive Director)

Ms. Anny Coleman
(Admin for A mother’s love initiative)

Mr. Johnson Ibrahim
(AMLI Technical Partner)

Mrs. Olanrewaju Olubnmi
(NutritionUnit DFH&N, MoE)

Mr. Adeyemi Adebayo
(The Dir. Special Duties, MoE)

Mr. Asaolu Olufemi. (MoE)

Mrs. Aluko Dorcas (MoE)

Mrs. Owolabi Olufunke (MoH)

Ms. Olugbade Taiwo (MoH)

Dr. Yeside Shogbamimu (MoH)

Mrs. Owolabi Olufunke (MoH)

Dr. Otumunye Kelvin (MoH)